The Environment, Health and Safety Department at Tergene is keen on implementing the best of the safety practices within the premises and have developed certain awareness programs for its employees. The employees are trained in safety and environment protection regulations, biohazard and chemical safety. 

A dedicated team with relevant qualification and experienced personnel are engaged for looking after the Environmental Management in the organization. There is periodical monitoring of ambient air quality in the vicinity and waste water quality by third party which is approved TSPCB authorities as per the consent conditions. The green belt is developed with different varieties of plants. Beautiful lawns between the buildings give a pleasant view of the unit.

Tergene strictly follows the safety norms as per the statutory norms and has provided all the necessary safety equipment for the protection of the Industrial establishment as well as the personnel working in the plant premises. It has provided all its employees who are involved in the handling of biohazards/ chemicals and related activities with personnel protective equipment. Personnel involved in the production are provided with protective clothing, goggles, masks, gloves, etc. These handling operations are carried out under the strict supervision of the trained and highly skilled personnel. Supervision is provided to ensure the usage of these PPE’s. Fire detection system , fire hydrant system and necessary fire fighting facilities like extinguishers, sand buckets, etc., have been provided to meet the on-site emergencies.

Environment and Health Risk Management Plan of Tergene can be accessed here.